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Reviewing a Reviewer. What is TrustPilot? Can you Trust TrustPilot?

I want to talk to you about a tool, that some people don't know yet that it even exists. I'm talking about They are reviewing companies worldwide since 2007, and they received 1,000,000 new reviews each month. It's awesome, huh? When I used it for the first time, I knew how powerful this tool was. So, here is my story: is powerful, in my experience. Some time ago, I decided to order something on I don't buy expensive things overseas, but by that time, I took my chances. I wasn't lucky and got a product that didn't function as described. So wrong, right? I contacted, they told me they would reply in 48 hours with the possible solutions. After the 48hrs of patiently waiting, I got several questions that I answered immediately. Then they told me to wait another 48 hours. Well, since I made the claim, I was receiving more and more questions than answers. They asked me for pictures, and videos every 2 days. As