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Orange Flower-Blossom Water in Bottled vs homemade Tea. Review

I only make reviews of what I've tried. Nothing scientific, just what I see, what I test, what works or not, based on my experience, and things like that. My blogs, in English or Spanish, will always use the simplest language or words possible. That is what I am pretending to do today. I am going to talk about my review and comparison of the Orange Blossom Water vs The Homemade Orange Blossom Tea in the simplest way possible.  Royalty free pic from: The benefits of the orange blossom flower are too many. It has benefits for your skin, your hair, for aromatic essence, and relaxation.  The elderlies of my family taught me, that the best use, is using it for relaxation, because it works with your brain, to calm your anxiety, behaviors, and/or mental state.  So I've been using the Orange Blossom water or tea, to calm my anxiety and even feelings that are more like depression. It always works on me. But which is better to