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Selling on eBay Review. Selling on eBay 4 Dummies? Let's talk about the Buy it Now Option.

 No more dummies on eBay, because now, listing an item it's easier than ever. I started selling again, but this time, I am doing it, to sell things that I no longer need. That's why I can compare how easy it's now vs how hard it was before. In this post, I'll be talking about Buy it Now Option, not auctions. NOTE: This is NOT a promotion for selling purposes, so I am NOT going to add any link to my eBay account. In the past, you have to do everything. You needed to know the value of your item, write a long description, tell the people what to do and what not to do, and you needed to know all about shipping. You should know where not to ship, put a note saying to Nigerian not to buy from you, and find where to promote your eBay list. That was my experience before, and I got tired of selling on eBay, and stopped my eBayer life. But a few months ago, I was needing to get rid of some things that I wasn't using, and I knew a could get some dollars for them. Immediately,