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Drone Snaptain S5C Part 2, Flying Outdoors on a Windy Day...

  As the weather refuses to calm down, I went outside with my Snaptain S5C to test it   (playing a risky business; I know)   and to let you know how it works outdoors. I have to tell you something, flying a drone with wind it's an adrenaline rush, because you know you can lose it if the drone flies away or crashes into a building or a tree. So if it's windy, you should fly it indoors, unless you are an expert, and you know what you are doing.   Remember to visit:  @eagleviewquadcopter on Instagram   The fact with the S5C is that, it is engineered to be light weighted so its battery last longer, which is a good thing. But you should be careful, and know that the wind at 3 feet, is not the same as 25 feet,  nor at 100 feet high. The higher you go, the stronger the winds.    Now, keep in mind, that even when this drone is a lot of fun, I recommend it for learning purposes, and to be the "stepping stone", until you learn enough to get a more expensive drone with more feat