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Drone Snaptain S5C first impression part 1, (For Beginners and Apprentices) Review 2021

About Snaptain Drone S5C, Here is first impression.  Is it still a good drone in 2021? I just received the Drone Snaptain S5C for testing, and I started using it indoors, just to get the feeling of its flight, speed, and movements. I'm amazed by the fact that, is as easy to fly as the Snaptain H823H, even when the S5C is a lot bigger. Furthermore, I haven't flown it outdoors yet, but it seems that it doesn't have the fish eye effect on the camera, something that other drones of that price range has, and I hate. My video editor program, detected a video of 1280×720 as the manufacturer states, and 40fps, I understand that it's really more like 30fps, that is still good.      The camera of some drones in the market, come with a lens that usually gets foggy, and this camera does not have a visible lens, and it can't get foggy. I thought the video had to be recorded on the smartphone, but it has a Micro SD Slot. The Snaptain app seems to be a decent one, but I need to te