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Fimi X8SE 2022 Drone Released day, but... Is it an upgrade? Be aware & do not buy (Yet) before read this.

NOTE: As soon as Fimi update their list, we will post it in this blog. https://www.Trendmerica.Reviews NOTE #2: the link for the information updated is Today I received an email from Fimi (MI Drones), and Fimi Store, telling me that the release day of the New Fimi X8SE will be September 27, 2021. Also, they told me that it's available to order on AliExpress, and the link is:  Thank you Fimi. Now, what happen with the information the people need to be motivated to buy it?  What is the real information that it's available at the date of this post, September 15, 2021? Is this drone any good? Is it something the people are anxious to buy? Let's take a look: Please be advised that, what Fimi stated on AliExpress may not make sense.   — Model is Fimi X8 SE 2022 — Sold by Fimi Official Store on AliExpress —Specs as shown on AliExpress: Camera: 1080