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Drone DJI Mavic 3 CINE already in Production? Leaks and "Owner's Manual?" Watch Video

UPDATE : I added a video I found on YouTube today, 09/29, 2021.  Look for the video here, below the 1st page of the “Owner's manual”. They say the price is about $1,600usd, and probably the release date will be on November 30, 2021.  Everybody is talking about this: The rumors about the Drone DJI Mavic 3 Cine , everybody is talking about, come from the images of the alleged documents or The Owner's Manual, that you will see below .  If those rumors/leaks are true, in a matter of months (maybe before Christmas Season 2021), the Mavic 3 will be in the Market.  If you are a DJI enthusiast, this post is for you.  *[ remember to leave a comment below and share ]* Some Experts are also talking about the following: — They improved the Collision Avoidance System. — The side sensors will be in the front and rear corners of the drone — Weigh 920 grams — 1 TB Internal Memory — They are talking about 45+ minutes Battery — Dual Camera — The Smart Controller will be an advanced one, so wit

Video Editing for Drone Beginners, what Video Editor Software app is good

If you own a drone with good specs, you may like to go outdoors and take pictures and videos, for sharing on your social media account, with friends, and family. Sometimes to post them public, and sometimes to share it privately. No matter who your audience are, you want to show them the best of your video, and impact them with a nice video you filmed with your nice drone, right? On this post, you'll find: *Possible issues with your computer for Editing *What your audience expectations *How to not infringe copyright terms   Some drone beginners, will focus on the drone, and how to learn to flight, and make cinematic shots. But, if you are reading this, probably, you want to know what to do with your videos, or perhaps you are struggling trying to edit them. So you are in the right post, let's start: Why the computer slow down when you try to edit your drone videos? — If the video quality is 4k, or 2k, it also means that the video file is big. Can your computer manage large vide

Read this before you buy a drone, Fimi X8SE 2022 Photo Gallery, and all the Specs

We were able to get access to the leaks, real and accurate information in pictures. Please, share this with that friend you have, that love the drone hobby. Picture #1. How the Fimi X8 had evolve:  Picture #2. About Safe Flights, how safe it's this drone Fimi x8SE 2022 Picture #3. Info and Specs of the X8SE 2022 Picture #4. About the APP: Picture #5: Fimi x8ES 2022 Precision Landing: Picture #6: Fimi SAR Mode What is it? Picture #7. 3 Axis Mechanical Gimbal: Picture #8. Level 8 Wind Resistance: Picture #9. What? This is so cool. Rainproof and Snow-Proof Drone: Picture #10. FAA and EASA Remote ID flight requirements Fimi X8SE 2022: Picture #11. Compatibility with Fimi Built-In Screen Remote Controller: Picture #12. X8SE 2022 RC: Picture #13. How far the Fimi X8SE 2022 can fly? Picture#14. Drone Night Flight: Picture #15. Fimi X8SE 2022 Videography and Photography: Picture #16. F1.6 Aperture: Picture #17. Fimi 48MP: Picture #18. What are included with the Fimi Drone X8SE 2022: Everyt

Snaptain H823H Nano Drone, is it good for beginners to learn the basics of flying a Quadcopter drone?

*[If you have tried a beginner's drone before, or have experience with them, my intention is not to persuade you to think like me, and I encourage you to leave your message and opinion below this post. Please tell me your experience. I would like to read your opinion and preference. For those who are researching about how to  learn  with th e best drone, my intention is to give you my honest review and opinion.] The first thing you need to learn before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an expensive drone, it's to fly manually. In my opinion, you better learn to fly a drone with no GPS (GLONASS). Just imagine that you spent $599usd, or more, in a drone, and you don't have the skills to maneuver it, if the drone gets disconnected from the GPS signal. Trust me, it could be a disaster.   If you want to reduce the chance of that kind of disaster, you can start flying a nano or micro drone indoors. A nano drone will let you learn several things you need to understand