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Drone Snaptain SP600N Review

 Drone Snaptain SP600N Review Here you will find useful information about the Drone Snaptain SP600N, that some info can apply for other non-professional, economic, and small drones too. I've been flying it for several days, and I want to share with you this experience and some tips to enjoy your drone and fly it safely. So this is more than a review. At the end of this post, you'll find all the Manufacturer Specs.  I hope you find this helpful, and you can share this on your social media. By the way, FYI, I don't work, or receive money for any drone company, or any company I review. But, as a Drone Pilot myself, flying drones it's my passion, and I follow closely and Snaptain Drone World , the Facebook Group , and that way I can be informed of their new products, to review them for you. So... I wanted to test the SP600N, since I read the specifications. Even more when it cost less than $200. Well, I just saw it at $169usd on Amazon, at least that's the