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To Mini or not to Mini, 250 grams drone vs bigger drones

To Mini or not to Mini. The Drone's Question! The first thing I should tell is, Mini Drones are not for everybody. Each person has its own needs and its own desires. So before you decide which is the drone you want, or you need, it's necessary to do your research; and maybe this post will be the best to start.  [Note: leave comments or questions below] Let me give you some tips, now that you decided you are going to buy a drone, and you are looking for the best choices, so you can select the right for you. You'll learn what you need to consider, about budget, prices, and features, of course, SIZE.  —Budget: As the market now have MINI drones, like the DJI Mini 2 and SE, the Hubsan Zino SE and Pro, and the FIMI X8 Mini, now you have inexpensive drones with pretty good specs for the prices. But, is it a Mini enough for your needs. Then, you have choices of bigger size drone. Drones like the DJI Mavic Series, the X8 series of FIMI, and the ZINO series from Hubsan. Usually, the

Did you know that Mavic Mini is no Longer in Production, What are the Choices now? Mavic Mini? Mavic Mini 2? Mini SE? Wait for Mavic Mini 3?

The Drone that Changed the Rules of the Game some years ago , is NO LONGER in Production.       Note: Learn about editing drone videos at:   If you go to  and look for the Mavic Mini,  you'll  see the following:          The Mavic Mini is no longer in production. Oh no!!! Why did they do that?       Because, now they have better choices in the market.  At the moment  of this post, the choices are the Mavic Mini 2, and the Mini SE, because the Mavic Mini 3 is a rumor and speculation. Some  “experts”  believe that  there is  a Release Date; before Christmas 2021.        Then,  let's  compare 12 specs of  what is  in the market today:        1. Max Speed: Mini SE -  17kms  / Mavic Mini 2 17kms, as tested by the manufacturer, in no  wind's  conditions.       2. Raw Pictures:  Mini SE  (No) /  Mavic Mini 2   (Yes)       3. Mega Pixels:  Mini SE , 12 /  Mavic Mini 2 , 12 (Same)