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Drone DJI Mavic 3 CINE already in Production? Leaks and "Owner's Manual?" Watch Video

UPDATE : I added a video I found on YouTube today, 09/29, 2021.  Look for the video here, below the 1st page of the “Owner's manual”. They say the price is about $1,600usd, and probably the release date will be on November 30, 2021.  Everybody is talking about this: The rumors about the Drone DJI Mavic 3 Cine , everybody is talking about, come from the images of the alleged documents or The Owner's Manual, that you will see below .  If those rumors/leaks are true, in a matter of months (maybe before Christmas Season 2021), the Mavic 3 will be in the Market.  If you are a DJI enthusiast, this post is for you.  *[ remember to leave a comment below and share ]* Some Experts are also talking about the following: — They improved the Collision Avoidance System. — The side sensors will be in the front and rear corners of the drone — Weigh 920 grams — 1 TB Internal Memory — They are talking about 45+ minutes Battery — Dual Camera — The Smart Controller will be an advanced one, so wit

DJI Mini SE, are you waiting for it? Information they won't tell you yet about the Latest DJI Mini

Here I bring you what you haven't heard yet about DJI Mini SE. I am Ruben, and I want to help you understand the latest leaks from DJI. Welcome to Trendmerica Reviews. We Review, so you don't go blindfolded. September 9, 2021, author's Note : The mini SE is no longer a rumor. You can read this and then go to: for an Updated Information about this and others DJI Mini.  DJI  MAVIC  MINI SE Yes, it won't say  Mavic anymore , just DJI Mini SE. So,  What is a Mini SE? It's a nice, not expensive drone, in between the Mavic Mini and the Mavic Mini 2.  This DJI is not an upgrade for the DJI Mini 2, so if you own the Mini 2 drone, keep enjoying it knowing that it'll still be at the top of the Mini from DJI for a while.  —The Mavic Mini SE will come with a pro battery version, that will give you 30 minutes of fly time.  —It'll come with the same controller of the Original Mavic Mini, and