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Are you thinking about buying a Drone? What you should know about this hobby, and which is the best Drone to...

  I have several hobbies, but one of my favorites is "Droning".  One of the best experience, it's to put your drone in the air, and become a Remote Pilot. If the drone has a Camera, you'll enjoy watching places from above. It's so much fun to discover things that you can't see unless you can fly, right?      If you are like me, and can't fly, you should get a drone. But some people are scare, because the don't know that is not as hard as they think. If you are scare about getting a drone, and lose or crash it the same day, you should start with a mini drone that you can fly indoors. I have tested several brands, that I don't know if I can mention them here, but the easiest mini drone to learn, that I recommend, is the H823H Mini Drone from Snaptain. Why?   I recommend the Sanptain H823H to learn how to fly indoors, because:   1- It has 3 speeds that you can select. You can start learning using it on slow speed.  2- It has a led light in the front s