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To Mini or not to Mini, 250 grams drone vs bigger drones

To Mini or not to Mini. The Drone's Question!

The first thing I should tell is, Mini Drones are not for everybody. Each person has its own needs and its own desires. So before you decide which is the drone you want, or you need, it's necessary to do your research; and maybe this post will be the best to start. 

[Note: leave comments or questions below]

Let me give you some tips, now that you decided you are going to buy a drone, and you are looking for the best choices, so you can select the right for you. You'll learn what you need to consider, about budget, prices, and features, of course, SIZE. 


As the market now have MINI drones, like the DJI Mini 2 and SE, the Hubsan Zino SE and Pro, and the FIMI X8 Mini, now you have inexpensive drones with pretty good specs for the prices. But, is it a Mini enough for your needs. Then, you have choices of bigger size drone. Drones like the DJI Mavic Series, the X8 series of FIMI, and the ZINO series from Hubsan. Usually, these are more expensive, but you may need the specs they offer. 

—If you are looking for a budgety drone for recreational purposed, any MINI from DJI, Hubsan or Fimi will be ok.  

—If you are a photographer, looking for the best picture possible, and you want a Mini, you must select only from the MINI drones that offers things like JPEG + Raw Pictures. But if you have enough budget, you might  take a look of the professional drones like the DJI Inspire series. 

For every project, you need to make a balance between Budget and Necessities. You just need to cover as much as the necessities you need, for the budget you have. 

Are big drones better than the MINI? :

— Usually the answer is NO, if you are comparing a $349usd Mini to a $349 Big drone. 
— Usually the answer is YES, if you are comparing a $349 Mini to a drone over $999 Big drone. 
But, even if you have a budget of thousands of Dollars, you need to compare, and look carefully for those things you might need the drone does for you. 

Prices of MINI Drones: 

[Note: Even when the letters SE, in cars means Special Edition, and most people understand that it's a more expensive and luxury edition of the model, you should not assume that SE means the same in drones. —The world Pro in drones, does mean a better version, but NO actual Mini drone is considered a professional one]
—DJI Mini SE could be found in some stores from $299.90 (on US Target Stores online)
—DJI Mini 2, a better version, could be found from $449 (on DJI Official Website)

—Hubsan Zino Mini SE start at $349 (at Hubsan Official Website)
—Hubsan Zino Mini Pro, a better version, start at $499 (on Hubsan Official Website)

—Fimi X8 Mini, start at $349, but in reality, it's not considered as a Mini  unless you buy it with the Pro Battery. With its original battery, weight 254 grams. With the pro battery start at $359 (on and weights under 250grams. 
—Fimi X8 Mini Pro, a better version, start at $449 (on 

Prices of the big drones: 

—DJI Mavic air 2, start at $799 (
—DJI Mavic Air 2s, Start at $999usd (

—Hubsan Zino all big models. Starting at $369 to $599 They have a lot of models on their Store;

—FIMI X8 SE 2020 Starting at $399 on AliExpress
—FIMI X8 SE 2022 Starting at $419usd,

*[Note: Companies can change the prices at any moment, I'm sharing the prices on the market, at the moment of this publication]

Does the size matter? 

Well, the size matter if for you, it's important the portability. Also, the size matter when you need a big CMOS, a bigger camera, a decent zoom, but some big drones have the same specs as the Mini, so check well before you buy. 

Some Mini drones manage the wind as good and even better than some bigger drones. You need to check well the capabilities and specs, so you don't buy unnecessary things or a drone with fewer capabilities than you need.  

For those that can manage big-big drones, and have professional needs, like commercial use, movies, TV, and things like that, DJI has professional drones, that have awesome cameras and capabilities, ex. the Inspire Series or Enterprise series. 

Let me finish with this. If you are going to work with raw pictures, and/or 4k/5k/8k videos, you will need a drone with those capabilities, but also you will need a computer and softwares that can manage that kind of huge files. 

Remember to leave a comment below. 

Other Brands to consider are: Parrot Anafi, and Skydio. 

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