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Snaptain H823H Nano Drone, is it good for beginners to learn the basics of flying a Quadcopter drone?

*[If you have tried a beginner's drone before, or have experience with them, my intention is not to persuade you to think like me, and I encourage you to leave your message and opinion below this post. Please tell me your experience. I would like to read your opinion and preference. For those who are researching about how to  learn  with th e best drone, my intention is to give you my honest review and opinion.] The first thing you need to learn before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an expensive drone, it's to fly manually. In my opinion, you better learn to fly a drone with no GPS (GLONASS). Just imagine that you spent $599usd, or more, in a drone, and you don't have the skills to maneuver it, if the drone gets disconnected from the GPS signal. Trust me, it could be a disaster.   If you want to reduce the chance of that kind of disaster, you can start flying a nano or micro drone indoors. A nano drone will let you learn several things you need to understand

Reviewing a Reviewer. What is TrustPilot? Can you Trust TrustPilot?

I want to talk to you about a tool, that some people don't know yet that it even exists. I'm talking about They are reviewing companies worldwide since 2007, and they received 1,000,000 new reviews each month. It's awesome, huh? When I used it for the first time, I knew how powerful this tool was. So, here is my story: is powerful, in my experience. Some time ago, I decided to order something on I don't buy expensive things overseas, but by that time, I took my chances. I wasn't lucky and got a product that didn't function as described. So wrong, right? I contacted, they told me they would reply in 48 hours with the possible solutions. After the 48hrs of patiently waiting, I got several questions that I answered immediately. Then they told me to wait another 48 hours. Well, since I made the claim, I was receiving more and more questions than answers. They asked me for pictures, and videos every 2 days. As

Is the DJI Mini 2 a good drone to learn? What could happen if the DJI Mini 2 is my first drone?

  Is the DJI Mini 2 a good drone to learn? What could happen if the DJI Mini 2 is my first drone? Let's answer this questions and a little more.  I was surprised with the DJI Mini 2 because, in my first flight, as soon as the props start spinning, I heard the voice of a lady, telling me how to take off. It wasn't my wife, nor Alexa or Google; it was the DJI app. She was patient, charming, and calm… perfect combination, huh? After the take-off, I learned that she was about to give me a full tutorial of the basics of flying the Drone. While she is telling you to move the drone to the right, left, front and back, you are watching how to do it on the screen. That was amazing. The question now is, 2 minutes of tutorial is enough to be a remote pilot? Two minutes tutorial is not enough to become an experienced remote pilot, but once the drone is in the air, you are the pilot by default. That's why I always tell everyone that want to learn the drone hobby, to buy a nano drone, l

Drone FIMI X8 Mini 2021, Specifications Explained. Don't buy it Blindfolded.

  Drone FIMI X8 Mini 2021, Specifications Explained. Don't buy it blindfolded.  Fimi is a brand of different electronic products from Xiaomi's ecosystem. It's Chinese Manufacturer that has been gained terrain in the industry, around the world, for several years. This post is for one of their products, the Drone Fimi X8 MINI. If you need an honest review, of the Fimi x8 Mini, here, on this post, you'll find what you are looking for.  My first drone, with good capabilities, was the Xiaomi Fimi A3, some years ago, and I still have it. I've made and posted videos that you can watch on Instagram   The only complaint I had about that drone (the Fimi A3), was the battery. After several month and uses, it's started to inflate, and you are not supposed to fly a drone with an inflated battery. I like everything else about that drone. Since I got it, I started to be a fan of Xiaomi and Fimi. But their best Drone, was the