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Klinsmann K186 Robot Vacuum and Mop Review

 I bought this Robot Vacuum Online, because it was the less expensive one available with the specs I was looking for. I might sound silly, but I haven't bought a Robot-Vacuum before, because I didn't understand, how a round machine, could clean corners and around some objects and the furniture I have at home.  Well, I didn't, and I don't know if I was the only one that thought, that it couldn't vacuum corners, but I bought it anyway. I am talking about the Robot Vacuum and Mop K186 from Klinsmann.  If at this moment you don't have the time to read the full review, and just want to know if it's worth it or not, my opinion is, yes, it's good. But even when I like it, I've seen other reviews that show that it's a 3.4 out of 5 stars.  For those that want to know if this will work for you or not, let me talk to you about, what you should know about this product.   How does Klinsmann K186 works: —This item has a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts

Amazon Prime, is it worth or not?

 I've been doing Reviews on Amazon for years, but I haven't done any Review about and the Prime service until now.  This is my experience: First, let me tell you what is Amazon Prime.  When you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you get a better shipping service and free in almost everything you buy on Also, you will have the Prime Video for streaming Movies, Series, Docuseries, TV Shows, and more; similar to Hulu and Netflix. You will have one day in the last quarter of the year, called, The Prime Day, and you will find discounts that are only for prime Members. By the way, if you have the Amazon Store Card, and/or Amazon Visa Rewards, you'll get 5% back on your purchases all year round. So that's part of what they said about Prime, now I'll tell you my experience.  I am being honest when I tell you that I love, but since Prime, I am its #1 fan (you don't need to be one, this is just my experience). I have a lot of experience as an onl

Drone Snaptain S5C Part 2, Flying Outdoors on a Windy Day...

  As the weather refuses to calm down, I went outside with my Snaptain S5C to test it   (playing a risky business; I know)   and to let you know how it works outdoors. I have to tell you something, flying a drone with wind it's an adrenaline rush, because you know you can lose it if the drone flies away or crashes into a building or a tree. So if it's windy, you should fly it indoors, unless you are an expert, and you know what you are doing.   Remember to visit:  @eagleviewquadcopter on Instagram   The fact with the S5C is that, it is engineered to be light weighted so its battery last longer, which is a good thing. But you should be careful, and know that the wind at 3 feet, is not the same as 25 feet,  nor at 100 feet high. The higher you go, the stronger the winds.    Now, keep in mind, that even when this drone is a lot of fun, I recommend it for learning purposes, and to be the "stepping stone", until you learn enough to get a more expensive drone with more feat

Are you thinking about buying a Drone? What you should know about this hobby, and which is the best Drone to...

  I have several hobbies, but one of my favorites is "Droning".  One of the best experience, it's to put your drone in the air, and become a Remote Pilot. If the drone has a Camera, you'll enjoy watching places from above. It's so much fun to discover things that you can't see unless you can fly, right?      If you are like me, and can't fly, you should get a drone. But some people are scare, because the don't know that is not as hard as they think. If you are scare about getting a drone, and lose or crash it the same day, you should start with a mini drone that you can fly indoors. I have tested several brands, that I don't know if I can mention them here, but the easiest mini drone to learn, that I recommend, is the H823H Mini Drone from Snaptain. Why?   I recommend the Sanptain H823H to learn how to fly indoors, because:   1- It has 3 speeds that you can select. You can start learning using it on slow speed.  2- It has a led light in the front s

Drone Snaptain S5C first impression part 1, (For Beginners and Apprentices) Review 2021

About Snaptain Drone S5C, Here is first impression.  Is it still a good drone in 2021? I just received the Drone Snaptain S5C for testing, and I started using it indoors, just to get the feeling of its flight, speed, and movements. I'm amazed by the fact that, is as easy to fly as the Snaptain H823H, even when the S5C is a lot bigger. Furthermore, I haven't flown it outdoors yet, but it seems that it doesn't have the fish eye effect on the camera, something that other drones of that price range has, and I hate. My video editor program, detected a video of 1280×720 as the manufacturer states, and 40fps, I understand that it's really more like 30fps, that is still good.      The camera of some drones in the market, come with a lens that usually gets foggy, and this camera does not have a visible lens, and it can't get foggy. I thought the video had to be recorded on the smartphone, but it has a Micro SD Slot. The Snaptain app seems to be a decent one, but I need to te

The Power of Metabolism and Relax Slim Review. Does it works or not? -Natural Slim, Low Carb + Metabolic Diet

NOTE: The 25th of February 2021, The Metabolism Guru, Frank Suarez, left this world. I have been reviewing his work since 2010, and his decease took millions of Hispanic Followers by surprise. Rest in Peace Frank, and thank you for your Legacy.  As they say, the show must go on, and we have no intention to stop reviewing something that may or may not help you; the friend that is reading this post right now. Let's see if you could be benefited by Relax Slim and the Power of your Metabolism. First, I want to tell you that I am not part or work for Relax Slim. I receive NO compensation for reviewing them, and this is my honest review and my experience, since I read the book: The Power of your Metabolism in 2010. Being that said, let's take a look of this lose weight and size reducer program.  If you are reading this because you need a fast answer, and don't have time to read the whole thing, I can tell you that it worked for me and my wife. I hope at least you buy the book, e-

Selling on eBay Review. Selling on eBay 4 Dummies? Let's talk about the Buy it Now Option.

 No more dummies on eBay, because now, listing an item it's easier than ever. I started selling again, but this time, I am doing it, to sell things that I no longer need. That's why I can compare how easy it's now vs how hard it was before. In this post, I'll be talking about Buy it Now Option, not auctions. NOTE: This is NOT a promotion for selling purposes, so I am NOT going to add any link to my eBay account. In the past, you have to do everything. You needed to know the value of your item, write a long description, tell the people what to do and what not to do, and you needed to know all about shipping. You should know where not to ship, put a note saying to Nigerian not to buy from you, and find where to promote your eBay list. That was my experience before, and I got tired of selling on eBay, and stopped my eBayer life. But a few months ago, I was needing to get rid of some things that I wasn't using, and I knew a could get some dollars for them. Immediately,

Orange Flower-Blossom Water in Bottled vs homemade Tea. Review

I only make reviews of what I've tried. Nothing scientific, just what I see, what I test, what works or not, based on my experience, and things like that. My blogs, in English or Spanish, will always use the simplest language or words possible. That is what I am pretending to do today. I am going to talk about my review and comparison of the Orange Blossom Water vs The Homemade Orange Blossom Tea in the simplest way possible.  Royalty free pic from: The benefits of the orange blossom flower are too many. It has benefits for your skin, your hair, for aromatic essence, and relaxation.  The elderlies of my family taught me, that the best use, is using it for relaxation, because it works with your brain, to calm your anxiety, behaviors, and/or mental state.  So I've been using the Orange Blossom water or tea, to calm my anxiety and even feelings that are more like depression. It always works on me. But which is better to

MacWheel LNE-16 Electric Bike eBike, Pros and Cons, the good and bad. Electric Bike Review.

Note: This post does not have the intention to sell anything. This is for information purposes only.  On the Amazon Prime Day in year 2020, I bought a couple of E-Bikes, from different brands. I will talk for the one I consider the best one, and what I've made to make it more reliable. That one is the MacWheel LNE-16. First the pros, the good things about it: -They say that you can go at 15.5mph (24.94 km/h), and I tested that with the APP Speedometer (69) from Cool Niks, and it's true, you can ride at 15.5mph Full Electric, without pedaling, or 18mph (28.97 km/h) with assistant pedaling. You can also test it with Google Maps APP. -The 250W Motor, can support more weight than what the specs say, but more weight uses more battery. I tested it with 145lbs with person and cargo, using assisted pedaling for 2 hours non-stop trip, flat road. Then I tested with 175lbs, for 1.7 hours non-stop trip. And then 1.1 hours with a little more of 300 pounds (136.08 kg), person and cargo, assi